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Hi Furriends,

Nice to meet you and your hoomans! We are a family business ran by cats and like you we love to play and have fun! We created Palisie as a place where you can find your next favorite pet toy! Here's a little about us:

Palico, Cat-CEO

Hi I'm Palico, a DMH cat, adopted by Meowmy in 2018. I'm the voice of Palisie, the boss of Pepsi (only when Meowmy's not around), and a big fan of cat food and treats. My favorite hobby is sleeping.

Pepsi, Cat-CEO

Hi I'm Pepsi, a DLH cat, adopted by Meowmy in 2019. I'm the product tester of Palisie's toys. Since I'm a cat, I often ask my dog friends for help testing toys. Anyways, I'm a big fan of all things related to Palico and large kicker toys!

Meowmy - Tina, Everything Else

This is Tina, our Meowmy, she's been recruited to be in charge of everything else. She's pictured here with one of our furriends. Meowmy's job is to feed us (on time!!) and to find fun, high quality, and unique toys!

What does "PALISIE" mean?

The idea for the name "Palisie" stemmed from our names: Palico and Pepsi. But fun cat toys and dog toys are not just for us but for everyone else also. This is our formula for our name: Palico + Pepsi + Everypawdy = PALI + SI + E = PALISIE. There you go, that's the most math we will ever do with our nine lives.

What does Palisie mean.png

Our Pawmise to You

When our furriends receive their order, we want to see a wide smile on their face. And to do that, we promise to inspect all our products before shipping. To bring you unique and high-quality toys, we source from brands that holds values such as small business, hand-made, women-owned, black-owned, and environment-friendly. We promise we only sell products that we would ask our Meowmy to buy for us or our dog friends.

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